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Affordable Health Insurance for Massachusetts Businesses and Professionals                                                                                                      

What Is Our Situation ?


  •  Massive Cost Shifting To Those Least Able To Pay Continues

  •  Small Number of Health Insurance Carriers Now Have a Monopoly

  •  Double Digit Rate Increases Continue for the Seventh Straight Year

  •  Uneven Quality of Care with Frequent Medical Errors by Providers

  •  Political Leaders with Short Term Goals and Divided Loyalties


Who Are We Up Against, Who Is Stopping Our Health Care Reform Campaigns and Who Is Corrupting Our Political Leaders?

The Four Top For Profit Health Insurance Companies Who Control the Majority of the Health Insurance Business

United Health Care Inc.

Aetna Inc.


Wellpoint / Anthem Blue Cross Inc.


We Need a Direct Response to the Heart of the Problem at the State Level and a Response to Directly Take on the for profitInsurance Companies and the Drug Companies

Our Lives Are Worth More Than Their Profits

Our Patient's Lives Are Worth More Than Their Surpluses

Our Businesses Are Worth More to the United States of America Than Their Leaders Vast Personal Wealth


The National Health Policy Education and Research Group (NHPERG) is a research and policy organization that is reaching out to health care activists across the country, encouraging them to become united in their reform campaigns, not stratified into vanguards by occupation.We also encourage health care activists to learn more about the health insurance industry and not to be afraid to directly confront the for profit industry powerhouses and stop attaching HMO's as the source of the problem. Pragmatic compromises will continue to be necessary in the state campaigns to gain greater access for those denied coverage by the insurance companies. But we also need an aggressive and unified approach to educate the American people about how poorly served they are by the insurance companies, how poorly prepared we are to face future problems and how state based campaigns to start up state funded new non-profit organizations is the way to change a state regulated industry.

NHPERG is working to increase consumer, business, policy makers and media awareness of how economically unsustainable and distorted our current health care system is and the need for immediate action to enable a cooperative group health system to be established in competition with the private insurers and large provider organizations that no longer represent the public interest.

After 30 years of managed competition in health care we have to recognize that a purely market based solution to maintaining an affordable health care system has failed. The big four health insurance companies are moving rapidly to set the terms of trade for all the health insurance plans in the country. While these companies are in the best position to control costs because of their contracts with providers, they do not pass along a large share of these savings, and instead set prices that are almost the same from insurance carrier to insurance carrier. This increases their profit margins and the stock price of publicly traded companies.

The for profit health insurance company leaders in particular have blocked doing away with individual medical underwriting and "employer mandates" as health care reform mechanisms. So, we are in a stalemate with creditable long term solutions coming from the states and not the federal government. .


Basics of Saving Money on Health Care Costs Without Reducing Benefits
For your understanding

Quality of Care Improvements

Through Real Coordinated Care

Quick Facts about Health Care
About your health care system

How U.S. Workers & Business Can Take the Lead Role in Shaping Their Health Care Future
Can We Achieve Our Goals

Health Care Benefit System Comparison
How Our Businesses Can Be More Competitive
How to Fund a National Health Care Cooperative
The answer may be simpler than you think


>Internship Positions Available at our Greater Boston Office in Waltham, Massachusetts and at off site locations for the Fall semester of 2007. Call 800-638-8113 or email us at to apply. Volunteers are alsoneeded to work four hours a week out of NHPERG's Greater Boston Office in Waltham, Massachusetts. Learn More about these opportunities >>

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