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Affordable Health Insurance Reform

Updates & Events

July 26, 2013

On a 3-hour round-table meeting in Boston members of the National Health Policy, Education, and Research Group discussed new health policies with business owners and employees. The participants put the beginning to a new practice – they started the creation of a list with the names of those, who are ready to contribute to the innovations and the health insurance reform. The discussions passed in a friendly and healthy atmosphere and we are glad that a lot of people were introduced to the ideas of NHPERG. All in all, the event was an immediate success and proved that we are on the right way.

June 17, 2012

The organization of the charity concert ‘Together for better Health’ began today. The castings for talented performers will be held every day from 10am to 12am and from 1pm to 3pm in Granoff Music Centre in Boston. The funds raised from the concert will be used to put the beginning of the Affordable Health Insurance Reform proposed by the National Health Policy, Education and Research Group. Tickets will be available from the Granoff Music Centre or purchased online (by e-mail) or over the phone. The exact date and time of the concert is yet to be announced, but we promise it will be absolutely fun.

May 19, 2011

Members of the National Health Policy, Education and Research Group visited Hyde Park High School in Boston, MA to take part in the health care education. They were invited by the school to present their ideas for an Affordable Health Insurance Reform with the students. We have to admit that the students were absolutely aware of the health situation in the country nowadays and quoted grave statistics of death rate of infants or victims of medical errors. We are sure that with such level of awareness we will be able to achieve our goals. A word to the students in Hyde Park – thank you for the pleasant discussion!

Dec 04, 2010

The recruitment of volunteers for raising awareness among the society started today. Everyone who has some free time and would like to work for the new Affordable Health Insurance Reform is invited to join the National Health Policy, Education and Research Group. Don’t forget that this is a long-term investment – today you will spend a few days from your free time out on the street, but in a certain period of time you may take advantage of the new health policies that we, by common efforts, may introduce. For more information, please contact us over the phone or send us an e-mail.

January 02, 2009

One of the newly proposed activities of the National Health Policy, Education and Research Group is to cooperate with colleges in Massachusetts in order to bring up the level of awareness about the state of health among young people. Of course, we will make sure to contact as many colleges as possible, but if you represent an institution and want to cooperate with us, you can send as an e-mail or call us and we will determine a time and date for our visit. We hope to spend some great time with the college students in MA and to introduce them to our ideas about an Affordable Health Insurance Reform.

May 1, 2007

Massachusetts begins offering new lower cost health plans as part of its individual mandate that all state residents be covered by a plan.

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